The term "muumuu" refers to a loose-fitting, long dress that is typically associated with West African, Hawaiian and Polynesian fashion. Muumuus are known for their relaxed and comfortable style, often featuring bold, colorful prints and patterns. They are commonly made from lightweight, flowing fabrics such as cotton or rayon, allowing for ease of movement.

The muumuu style originated in Hawaii and was originally worn by native women as a traditional garment. Over time, it gained popularity as a casual, resort-style dress, particularly among tourists visiting the Hawaiian islands.

The characteristic features of a muumuu include a loose, tent-like silhouette that falls straight from the shoulders to the hemline. The dress often has wide, flowing sleeves and a square or round neckline. Muumuus are designed to be comfortable and forgiving, accommodating different body shapes and sizes.

In recent years, muumuu style has gained broader recognition in fashion trends, with designers incorporating its relaxed aesthetic into their collections. Muumuus can be found in a range of lengths and they may feature additional details such as ruffles, mixed prints or embellishments.

Muumuu style is characterized by its loose fit, vibrant patterns, and easygoing vibe, making it the perfect choice for casual and vacation style, as well as an everyday fashion statement.  Are you here for this muumuu moment? Caftan, muumuu

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