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The Suakoko Betty 2013 Holiday Gift Guide edition focuses on the girly-girl in your life. You know, the one who always seems to be immaculately put together, with pristine nails, flawless makeup, loves dressing up in skirts and dresses as well as jeans with a pair of heels and her perfume always lingers whenever she leaves a room . She loves bright, happy colors and believes that the more sparkle the better. To her, the word feminine is not just a adjective but a verb.

Here are a few gift ideas for that girl in you life:

1. Recipe box /2. Mini nail lacquer set /3. Over the rainbow macaroon collection /4. Mug with gold tone lip print /5. Hello metallic graphic card case /6. Smokey warm eye-shadow palette /7. Monogrammed soaps /8. Paris- New York earrings /9. Bow collar necklace/10. Red gloves with bow /11. Professional make-up brush kit /12. Chanel flower foil print /13. Scallop gold ring /14. Hello tee /15. Color block leather passport case /16. Ceramic jewelry tray /17. Twisted peppermint gift set /18. Quilted black cooper grand strap watch /19. Hunter rain boots /20. Metallic dottie sheet set / 21. Busted: The Foundations Guide to Bras that Fit, Flatter, and Feel Fantastic (book) / 22. Gold jewel cuff

xx Monia

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