Hi! My name is Wilmonia Harris and I am the newest contributor for the Suakoko Betty Blog. I’m excited to share and talk about all things fashion and Suakoko Betty. Here are a few random facts about moi!

1. That’s me, smile!

2. I’m a GA peach.

3. My family and my history is from Liberia, West Africa.

4. I love when it rains.

5. I love to read and can read a 300 page book in one sitting.

6. I’m a triplet, right in the middle.

7. I prefer a cute pair of ballet flats over heels.

8. I love Jesus!

9. There’s a special place in my heart for chocolate.

10. I have a fashion blog with my sisters called Wil Harris.

Introduce yourself and let me know a few random facts about yourself!

xx, Monia

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