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We’re back, after a very long break. Thanks for visiting!

I had such a wonderful, sweet time in Accra…during my whirlwind, fabric sourcing trip in September. First off, it was my first visit to an African country besides Liberia. From the time I stepped out of the well-lit, multilevel airport and then drove past manicured street blocks peppered with high-rise buildings on broad, pothole-free roads, I thought, “THIS is Africa” and felt a sense of tremendous pride and hope.

Downtown Accra

Don’t get me wrong, Accra is not perfect but the development and depth of its middle class are awesome. And then my godsister Josephine and her family. Their hospitality embarrassed me. She laid out my dinner and breakfast and fussed when I didn’t eat the whole plate. I feebly tried to wash my plate and got shoo-ed out of the kitchen. So much kindness, so much love, such a blessing. And everywhere she took me, I was greeted with “Akwaaba” or “You are welcome.” That “You are welcome” really touched my soul. Not, “Welcome-and-let’s-keep-it-moving” but YOU are WELCOME.

Stuntin’ in Makola market with the girls

Who takes time to look people keenly in the eye and warmly grasp their hand with two hands? My hurry-hurry Americo-Liberian heels were cooled, humbled and blessed by all of it. The four days went quickly, a blur of church on Sunday (rain, so no Liberian refugee camp visit, bummer), Makola Market on Monday, Accra Mall and a factory visit on Tuesday and then the Osu street market to round up souvenirs and more distributor visits on Thursday. In true business-nerd fashion, I didn’t hit up the tourist spots, but I had a wonderful, productive time and thank God for all of it. In my next post, check out my fabric design finds.

Even the taxis encourage you. I love this place!

The new Justice building

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