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I decided to do a better job of keeping you up to date on suakoko betty happenings and [african-inspired] design this year. To that end, I am thrilled to introduce June Fredericks!! June is joining the suakoko betty team as the voice behind our blog and other suakoko style dispatches. I have worked with June at festivals and as a style consultant and she has a great eye and fresh writing style. Give her a warm welcome, hit the subscribe button and here's to our new blog! Cheers, Charlene

Hello beautiful people! My name is June and I am super excited to be joining the suakoko betty team.

I’m a Maryland girl who loves to write, has an unhealthy infatuation with magazines, and amongst a long laundry list of other things loves fashion. As a Liberian-American, I love to see West African textiles transformed into contemporary styles and traditional fashion pieces challenged. My eyes glisten when I see vibrant colors and bold prints and I’m inspired by designers who not only produce strong and innovative collections but those who have the ability to fuse art with fashion.

suakoko betty highlights the brilliant talent of designer Charlene Dunbar and the beauty and art of Africa with pieces that are not only alluring in sight, but also rejuvenating in the world of fashion. With this blog I look forward to not only sharing intriguing fashion finds, but also exploring the talent, art, culture and influence overflowing out of Africa and giving you exclusive behind the scenes information on suakoko betty. Welcome!


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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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