What to Wear on Your Next Beach Vacation

What to Wear on Your Next Beach Vacation

Posted by Charlene Dunbar on

Packing for vacation is tough; you want to be super-prepared and look amazing in every shot, but not lug around 200 lbs of luggage. For that reason, we LOVE multi-functional pieces that look fab for day-time adventures or stepping out at night. 

Here's our list of must-have items to get more bang for your beach vacation wardrobe:

1. Wide-leg pants: Perfect for shopping local markets during the day or for a long night of dancing.

2. Strappy maxi dress: Maxi dresses are comfy chic goals! Up the sexy factor with a great slit and tie straps.

Kona Batik Maxidress

3. Tailored shorts: Show off your leg game and stay cool in a great pair of print shorts. Add a solid-colored tank or a complimentary print blouse to rock your shorts two different ways. 

African Print Hana Shorts

4. Dusters with pockets: Dusters are the ultimate vacation item because they look amazing as a beach cover-up or cute dinner topper, and everything in between.

African Print Fatima Duster

5. Jumpsuits, jumpsuits, jumpsuits: Can't muster up the energy to match the perfect top and bottom? Jumpsuits for the win to get dressed fast and still look cute.

African Print Cece Jumpsuit

Bonus: A vibrant headwrap or two for a grab and go hairstyle.

What on your list of vacation must-have looks? Check out this video for more vacation style inspiration. 


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